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C a t a c l y s m i c
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'Wolves are just a myth...'

She was born to very loving parents in a world that at one point, she would have been given a wolf at birth as a companion. But wolves had long since been extinct...

At the age of 6, she had been out playing in the snow when she found the two bundles of fur. She brought them in to her mother who just stared at her. 'Look mommy...wolves...Can I keep them?' She can still remember her mother just staring at her and shaking her head in disbelief. 'They can't be wolves, sweetheart...there are no more wolves...' One of the pups looking at her mother. Valecia's mother only stared in shock, going to find her father. And then rumor spread from there. People showed up to look the two proclaimed wolves over.

As the two pups grew, they grew larger than any dog...with markings that no normal creature would have. One white black male...They never left Valecia's side. As days passed, a litter of pups was born. Valecia watched them grow, helping protect them from those who wanted to steal them. It could be denied no longer what they were and people began to gather to follow her. At the age of 7, her family moved in to Castle Lykos, the people following her believing that was the best place for a Queen. The pups grew up there along with Valecia's two wolves.

A year later...the castle was attacked. Her two wolves were killed in the battle to protect her family and their pups. The group that attacked had wolves as they got them had been a mystery to everyone, but at the end of the battle...only Valecia, a select few of her followers, and one male pup survived. Valecia cradled the wolf pup to her chest as she sat on the floor and bawled. For her dead parents...for her dead wolves...

She swore from then on to always protect the wolves. Some of the wolves that were with the group that had attacked, had lost their human companions in the battle...and Valecia had immediately taken them in and reassigned them to new companions when she found it fit.

Or so everyone thought. Until a girl known as Valecia found two pups, a male and a female, curled up together in the snow. She had only been 6 at the time but was immediately thought of as the Queen of the entire realm. She became the protector of the wolves and soon began matching them to human companions just as it had been done before they had been thought nonexistent.

The entire land was once ruled by Queen Valecia of the Twilight Gems. In her kingdom, wolves thrived now. Each gifted with their own special abilities. Those who were worthy in her eyes were given a wolf pup to accompany them. The pups had always been guarded by the very best that Valecia could find. Years passed without a hitch. The occasional person was locked up for trying to steal one of the pups, but never had one been successful.

Until a group formed under a self proclaimed Queen known as Xyla. She created the Midnight Riders. They had successful stolen three of the pups in the middle of the night, returning them to the land that Xyla had taken over. Valecia searched for the pups day and night...but never did find them. Queen Xyla had the wolf pups trained into evil, using them to create more despicable creatures.

Valecia banished the guards that had been on duty when the pups had been stolen. She had no use for them if they could not do as they had been instructed...if it put the pups in danger again. Along with the guards, their wolf companions were shunned. The ones that had been banished soon banded together under the clan name The Silenced. They aligned with no one.

Another group known as Gaia's Followers appeared. A young girl under the name of Gaia had found wild wolf pups and had started raising them. She was thought by some people as a goddess of sorts. No one had found wold wolf pups in a long time. All were born in Valecia's kingdom...and so they followed the young girl. They took over a small piece of land for themselves, but had aligned with Queen Valecia and the Twilight Gems. So Valecia allowed them to raise wolf pups and control the section of land that they had.

The lesser groups have started to spread, taking over little pieces of land at a time. Valecia has allowed Gaia's Followers to expand their territory since they are alliances, but the others...are just taking what they feel is their's.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
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