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 Blades Edge (LB)

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PostSubject: Blades Edge (LB)   Blades Edge (LB) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 02, 2012 6:40 am

Blades Edge (LB) Pbucket

A Long Long Time Ago...
In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Blades Edge

Three decades after the Battle of Yavin, the war-torn galaxy was still gathering itself from the depths, when it was faced with yet another galactic contest, this time between The Keepers of the Peace and the corrupt Sith Order. In the midst of the final battle of the conflict, a fledglingThe New Republic offered their aid to the Jedi Keepers only to be caught up in a trap laid by The Sovereign Galactic Empire, strategically counting on the tenuous relationship held between the Jedi and the Republic.

Five years after the historic battle, the galaxy is rebuilding and growing, the various galactic powers regrouping and restructuring in preparation to plunge the galaxy into conflict yet again. As the ides of war approach, the Sovereign Galactic Empire struggles in the wake of losing their most powerful asset: the Emperor himself. The New Republic, having bandaged its wounds from their last encounter, is ready to take advantage of his disappearance, hoping to eradicate the Empire as it struggles to right the upset balance of power. The Jedi have built their numbers to once again be a source of light in the galaxy, protecting the innocent and fighting for the cause of the oppressed. The Sith have never been stronger, and are set to plunge the entire galaxy into darkness. The board is set, the game is about to begin.

Blades Edge is a post-per-post roleplaying board, created on November 17, 2004, when we set out to make a Star Wars board unlike any other. Though it has moved hosts a few times since, we have finally come home to its original hosting site. Whether Force Users, may they be prominant in the Lightside or the Darkside of the Force. If you wish to be a Non Force user instead, please visit us. We accept all writers into our fold to make Blades Edge the ultimate SW roleplaying world.

The galaxy stands on a Blade's Edge. Its fate is in your hands.

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Blades Edge (LB)

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