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 Aliana Caban

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Aliana Caban


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PostSubject: Aliana Caban   Aliana Caban I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 3:07 am

Born in 2058 and the promise to be an alpha clung to her back from the moment the alpha of the pack then had seen the child. Aliana had a very normal childhood, with the mother being an M-Psy to her father being a lieutenant of one of the most powerful packs in the Rockies Aliana worked hard to fit in. Always known more for a wolf than a hybrid Aliana had many friends but as she had friends she had enemies and most the time the enemies were off the plate for her to eat. As a hybrid she had to fight to gain her respect among the pack and the loyalty that they provided to her. As she grew older Aliana had already earned more than the respect of her elders and subordinates by becoming a lieutenant herself once the torch was passed from her father to her. Her Psy abilities were negligible to say the least her animal always in control more than her psy part was and for that her mother was grateful. Aliana had known a glimpsed f her mother’s life and she never condemned her for it.

At the age of 17 Aliana’s mother passed away no one knowing why she had died, the healers thought it had been a poison but no real evidence to that assumption came to light. She knew her parents were mated and that her own father was suffering the loss of his mate but he stayed strong for Aliana. When she hit 19 and the old Alpha stepped down naming Aliana Alpha she took the honor in strides. “I assure you that my love, dedication and loyalty for the pack will be the cornerstone of my ruling” everyone had cheered but few members that eyed her like she had been a small morsel ready to be eaten. She had been challenged and she had fought with teeth and claws for her position and among the strongest of the pack she had come out the victor. Aliana had proven to everyone that she could hold her own and that she was the person fit to be in this position more times that she could count. She would remember her conversations with a very proud father “If momma could see me now dad” he had told her that he knew her mother was very proud of her and that with great power came big responsibilities. Aliana took that to heart.

Months after her promotion to Alpha status another pack leader, of a wolf pack that wanted to take house in the area challenged her and when her pack stood next to her the fight was on. She tore through most of the soldiers of the visiting pack, but in one careless move Aliana had left herself open to the other Alpha and he took full advantage of that jumping towards her claws out to slash her throat. It was then everyone noticed the slick brown and grey wolf leaping to hit the other alpha head on. Aliana watched the fight and saw the raw determination of the other alpha he wanted her dead. Her father fought until his body couldn’t take anymore beatings, even when the other pack retreated Aliana couldn’t believe the other alpha had the guile to hurt an elderly wolf. While in her arms Aliana begged their healer to heal him but her father’s will was wavering slowly and she begged him to live for her. “no child let me go and be with your mother we will watch over you but this is your time Aliana Caban, you have made our worlds collide by becoming the very first Hybrid Alpha ever to rule the most powerful pack in the Rockies” it was then Aliana swore revenge would be her victory against the alpha wanna be that had killed her father.

2083 – The revenge had never sated her desire to go for other packs throats, Aliana Caban had become what she was known for to most of those who knew her; She was lethal, cunning and dangerous. Aliana was now 25 and still Alpha of the Winterhaven pack of wolves, she thrived to gain control of the territory and was in alliance with the Stonybrook leopard pack. Although the alliance was more rocky at times it stood without a problem just as long as Alanna didn’t get in the way of her she was perfectly content. She had suffered great losses in her life and had never settled for anyone afraid she would suffer like her father had after her own mother had died. But now her body demanded something someone to sate her desires. Yet she couldn’t find herself to settle with all the chaos that was erupting in the Psy world, that took priority and precedence in her life for the safety of her pack and people.
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Aliana Caban

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