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 Andrew Connor

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Andrew Connor

Stonybrook Pack
 Stonybrook Pack

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PostSubject: Andrew Connor   Andrew Connor I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2012 2:50 am

Secret Phrase: Verified
Your Name: Bibi
Your Age: 37
Character Name: Andrew Connor
Age of Character: 24
Face Claim: Tyler Hoechlin
Faction: Changeling Leopard

Andrew was born to two of the senior sentinels in the pack of Stonybrook on 2059. From the day he was born everyone knew that Andrew Connor would turn out to be a sentinel. He grew up as a normal kid with the exception that he constantly got in trouble with his pack mates because he was tougher than most. Many times he was punished for using claws and teeth on his other friends while rough housing. After many years of a structured discipline and many punishments Andrew became one of the youngest soldier ever to make it to that rank. It was for his strength, determination, and loyalty to the pack leaders. Many times he was forced to calm his beast who was usually at the edge of his human half but he had learned to control it as he got older.

At the aged of 18 Andrew became leader of the sentinels as his father stepped down. His parents after retiring had decided to travel leaving him in charge of their home including his baby sister Raizza. She was still in school and growing needing still guidance from the maternals in the pack, so they decided to check in every now and then knowing Andrew would care for her. Andrew took on to that care as if he was the father of his thirteen year old sister. Because of this Andrew’s focus on females was moot, yeah he had lovers that tumble with him every now and then but nothing that stuck. Because of his focus on Raizza who was becoming more and more aware of boys he had lost all interest in women. He swore never to leave his baby sister alone and if he mated that would be something that would take precedence over his baby sister.

His parents had come and gone over the years and now at the age of 24 and Riazza at the age of 18 was no longer in need of his overprotective brother. She was as wild as any other her age when it came to dating and tumbling with others. That was when her brother was not scaring them off. Andrew become more important in his position as time went by and Alanna came to the front of the pack. The woman was infuriating but as Andrew would say if you can’t bring them down join them and Alanna was one tough bitch. Andrew became her second in command and that was an honor that not many had. But lately he had been walking on the edge and no one knew why, he had been getting rather aggressive and most of the soldier and sentinel’s feared that if he went rogue the pack would be in trouble because of all the sentinel’s Andrew Connor was the most lethal. So he always felt Alanna was always watching his every move and that pist him off most of the time. He had asked for a leave and she had refused but the moment he had asked had been when the treaty between packs was supposed to happen and that point he understood now he was threading a very dangerous line between sane and rogue if he didn’t sate his need things would get ugly.

Wish to be a moderator: Yes and emailed

Sample Role Play:

He swore low as the woman slammed the door on his face “I swear you won’t want me to knock this door down so I suggest you either open it or I will come in by force” he waited but when he didn’t hear her come out or even attempt to try to open the door he slammed his body on the door and it opened. His cat on alert for the scent of the other cat in the room “You little prick get over here” the youngster skidded out so fast it took Andrew a second to realize he had been out thought this time. Big mistake in his mind because he didn’t want her he wanted the worm who was trying to date her. He ran after the cub and reached him grabbing him by the scruff he pinned him to the wall with a loud thud. (I swear I) Andrew shook his head “Don’t even speak Tyler I swear I am going to give you five do you know five seconds to swear to me you are never getting close to my little sister again” he said a growl in the back of his throat threaten to rise to the forte. He could feel his claw pricking at his skin, the cub obviously had a death wish.

Andrew growled “Don’t intervene I swear if you do I will not be too happy about it” he said to his other sentinel. (Shall I warn you that Alanna is on her way and ready to bring you down Andre stop this) Andrew smirked and let the cub go. He punched at the wall as the cub ran past him to stand behind the other sentinel. Andrew turned “I swear I see you with her again I don’t care what or who is around I will tear you to pieces” the cub nodded nervously. His sister walked in with his alpha crying, Andrew growled “stop the dramatics Raizza I can’t believe you” Andrew said as he went to grab her but was flanked by his alpha and the other sentinel (Not in the state you are in, run it off) Andrew made a fist and looked at Alanna. He turned and ran out the back door as he shifted into his leopard form.
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PostSubject: Re: Andrew Connor   Andrew Connor I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2012 7:33 am

Welcome to Hunters Playground Andrew
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Andrew Connor

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